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National Association
Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
a non profit 501(c)3 - self supporting thru our own contributions
~~ EIN number: 47-5159643 ~~
child abuse trauma prevention, intervention & recovery
We have a single purpose at NAASCA, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so with only two goals:

1) educating the public, especially as related to helping society get over its taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse (CSA), presenting facts showing child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone

2) offering hope and healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recovery


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NAASCA's nighttime talk radio show, Wed & Thu
'Stop Child Abuse Now'

8pm EST, 7pm CEN, 6pm MTN, 5pm PAC

Dedicated call in number - 646 / 595-2118
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Special guest: Q & A call-in discussion: w/ NAASCA host Penelope Benis (WA)
Q & A call-in: w/ Victoria Kelly (MN), NAASCA member; Annie Margis (CA), host

Please see NAASCA's Videos and HIGHLIGHTS --- And please .. Donate to NAASCA !

NAASCA's daytime self-help Recovery Group
Tuesday; ZOOM at 5pm EST
Thursday, Sunday; ZOOM at 2pm EST
ZOOM Meeting ID # :
...769 832 8303

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Fighting For Kids,
Serving Adult Survivors
-- be aware .. be a voice .. be a hero --
#metooCSA -- Childhood Sexual Abuse -- Let's see if we can't get this new hashtag to trend,
to build on the popular '#metoo' movement that unfortunately leaves out those abused in their youth.
Childhood sexual assaults and abuses are devastating, and the trauma is often life-long! Pass it on!!
Join NAASCA's survivor / activist
social media community
in our
fight against child abuse.

We're building a survivor community, because together we can do what we can not do alone.
Certainly we can all do Outreach. Become a NAASCA Volunteer !!
If you wish to volunteer with us, please get in touch with one of our already committed volunteer NAASCA family members.

We'll try to point a new volunteer in the right direction. With all there is to do, we'll find something for everyone. We believe each of us can play a role in educating the public .. and offering healing services to still-suffering adult survivors of childhood traumas !!

We really appreciate all fundraising, outreach and promotion that's done at any time, in any way ..
.. be it online, person-to-person or at events!

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We're giving away FREE Blue Ribbons and "info cards"
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